• Meetings and Events

    The Avenue Regent has the perfect spaces to host a variety of events. The property has unique venues for stylish parties, elaborate wedding banquets, conferences and other corporate functions.

    The Board Room

    The perfect place to rendezvous with esteemed dignitaries in a highly refined atmosphere and conduct high level corporate meetings.

    The Cabinet

    This larger meeting room is suitable for discussions and small gatherings. Accomodates 15 seats in board room layout and 25 in theatre style.

    The Senate

    An elegantly styled hall equipped for conferences, training programs and banquets can accommodate upto 100 seats in theatre style and 45 in “U” and board room style arrangements.

    The Regent Hall

    The recently renovated Regent Hall is spacious and grand with high ceilings and silk wall-panellings. This pillar-less hall is ideal for wedding receptions and large conferences accommodating upto 200 seats in a theatre style arrangement.


    Forget the complications and predicaments of this life as you plunge into the soft couches of this all white Mediterranean style lounge. This exclusive venue is the ideal place for stylish evening parties amid signiture cocktails.